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The brakes on your car are the most important safety feature. While other safety measures can only reduce the severity of an accident, your brakes are purely preventative, and well-maintained brakes are often the difference between an accident and a successful emergency stop.

Your brakes suffer a surprising amount of wear. Afterall, they routinely bring tonnes of metal to a complete stop every day! If your car brakes are noisy, sticky, vibrating or locking, we recommend you bring your car in immediately for a comprehensive brakes check by one of our experts to avoid accidents and potential serious damage requiring extensive repairs. Should any of your break parts need replacing, you can rest assured that we only use the highest quality and manufacturer-approved brake parts to make sure your car stops safely.

For your ease of mind, detailed brake checks are performed with every service, ensuring the safety of yourself, all passengers and others on the road. We also provide you with a comprehensive report informing you about your breaks condition including the thickness of your pads and disc rotors.

Our Vehicle Brake Service Range includes:

  • Brake Pads & Capiller Replacement
  • Front and Rear Reline
  • Brake Fluid Flushing & Replacements
  • Wheel Cylinder Service and Replacement
  • Brake Disc & Drum Machining, Resurfacing or Replacement
  • Hydraulic Service
  • Brake Hose & Line Replacement
  • Brake Disc Rotor Replacement
  • Complete Brake System Replacement
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