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Regular car servicing is an essential part of a good car maintenance routine, ensuring you maintain your car's optimal safety, performance and keep your new car warranty.

By regularly servicing your car’s potential problems can be picked up before they happen and turn into large, expensive issues negatively affecting your car’s resale value and longevity.

Our qualified, expert auto mechanics are specialised in petrol, diesel, LPG and electric/hybrid vehicles. We’ll increase the life and worth of car and save you money on petrol by keeping it well maintained and running smoothly.

Logbook Servicing

Car manufacturers provide strict guides (logbooks) on the specified service requirements and car service intervals to keep your new car warranty. Our mechanics have a firm understanding of the various car service logbook criteria and inspect or replace required components and fluids on your vehicle to the manufacturers specifications, so you can keep your warranty.

Our Standard Car Servicing Key-Check Items include:

  • Engine Oil and Filter Change
  • Brake Check
  • Exhaust Check
  • Lights Check
  • Tyre and Tyre Pressure Check
  • Windscreen wipers and Washer Check
  • Engine Belt and Hose Check
  • Safety & Emission Inspection
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